About Me

It wasn't my original plan to be a Realtor. My goals were to be a chemist. I went to college, got a chemistry degree, and went to work in quality control chemistry. Unfortunately, this career path was a very unsatisfying one. I was stressed and not enjoying the work. Then I lost my job, and I could not bring myself to find another chemistry job. At this time, I was also rehabbing a two-family on Cherokee street. It was a challenging process but also enjoyable. It was a long road that I had to learn as I went. Some of the processes were tough simply because I didn't know what would happen next. So I decided to become a Realtor to demystify the real estate process and find an enjoyable career. Helping others along the way and educating them has been my goal from day one. It has challenged me in so many ways. But I haven't enjoyed anything so much!

Alecia Valencia
St. Louis
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